Cover The case for subtle ar(t)chitecture, Éric Cassar

The case for subtle ar(t)chitecture

Éric Cassar

Éric Cassar is an architect and construction engineer, who founded ARKHENSPACES, an architectural, urban design and development firm based in Paris in 2005, to focus on research, design and construction of new and sustainable contemporary spaces.

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Theme(s): Architecture
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The case for subtle ar(t)chitecture presents Éric Cassar's approach :

. Architecture designed primarily to be lived in, with a poetic dimension yet on a human scale. The goal of each project is to arrive at the essential via the senses: something that appeals to the feelings, that makes sense or embodies a concept but with a clear and unambiguous direction, based on research rooted in the past yet projecting into the future.

. Subtle architecture, in other words architecture capable of creating and coordinating the nspaces: environments connected in both the physical and the virtual worlds. Subtle architecture is both adapted (to its context, its purpose, the climate, its users) and adaptable (with environments, active and interactive, altering in relation to pre-defined parameters). It targets aesthetics that are both tangible and intangible to create surprises and originality.

. Sustainable and responsible architecture, conscious of the passage of time and therefore designed with both today’s (the contemporary era) and tomorrow’s generations in mind. An architecture which is pragmatic, environmentally-friendly and social...



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