Grégory Chatonsky


Grégory Chatonsky numbers among the contemporary artists who emerged at the same time as the Web in the 1990s. Since then, he did not stop staging the flows generated by networks in order to built fictions he now refers to as “variables”. His online creations, installations or performances question the relations between private and public. This first monographic catalog gathers texts by Michael Joyce, Violaine Boutet de Monvel, Pau Waelder, Natalie Leleu and Jay Murphy...

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Language(s): English, French
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Grégory Chatonsky composes highly original work in which fiction and multimedia intersect.InCapture,hepresents his work (interactive installations, networked devices, photographs and sculptures, divided in four chapters:Dislocation, Flußgeist, Variations andVariablesandFiction). His pieces bring to light experiences involving our body and its presence, between the sensitive sphere and the one of cognitive activity. Grégory Chatonsky explores mutations resulting from the digital environment, an exploration of possible worlds, a "fiction without narration".

Authors : Michael Joyce, Foreword/ Violaine Boutet de Monvel,DislocationTowards a liberated figurative semiotics/ Pau Waelder,Flußgeist Streams of consciousness / Nathalie Leleu, Variations et VariablesOpera mundi / Jay Murphy, Fiction.A fiction without naration


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  • Language(s): English, French
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